l o w f a s h i o n   s u b m i s s i o n s

[please note: lowfashion is just an archive now and is no
longer actively being updated. that doesn't mean we wouldn't
love to hear from you anyway and see some of your artwork]

lowfashion would really love to see some of your artwork!

there is no guarantee how quickly new artwork will appear on the site

you may wish to conduct a simple heuristic analysis of the lowfashion galleries first

then you can send something neat that you made via email to newstuff@lowfashion.com

if it is a image, please to make it as high in resolution as possible, perhaps as a .jpg file

if it is text, please to send it pure and lightly-formatted, perhaps as a .txt file

the lowfashion robots will shape it all into the world of the future