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Entry No.:   46 Date:   26 Feb 2011 - 04:50
Name:   Lele Locale:   SD

I'm trying to figure this out!

Entry No.:   45 Date:   21 Sep 2010 - 12:18
Name:   sadfasghg Locale:   asfaf


Entry No.:   44 Date:   26 Jan 2010 - 01:45
Name:   lowfashion Locale:   bangladesh

only personal interst

Entry No.:   43 Date:   19 May 2009 - 00:41
Name:   lowfashion Locale:   richardson, tx

I guess it does!

Entry No.:   42 Date:   19 May 2009 - 00:40
Name:   lowfashion Locale:   test

Just testing to see if this thing still works.

Entry No.:   41 Date:   28 Dec 2008 - 20:11
Name:   lowfashion Locale:   dallas, tx

Silke (entry 39) -- how do you expect us to respond to you?

Entry No.:   40 Date:   20 Jul 2008 - 11:27
Name:   ankita Locale:   india


Entry No.:   39 Date:   31 Jan 2008 - 21:37
Name:   silke Locale:   new york

anybody who knows the artist gavin benjamin on this website, please can you let me know how to get in touch with him.
he dropped of the face of the earth after being one of my best friends for 10 years. he took 1000 dollars of my money and all the cd's i ever owned (over 300). and threw my friendship away.
this hurt me so much and i just want to know why he did this to me.
thank you.

Entry No.:   38 Date:   26 Jun 2007 - 10:16
Name:   Will Locale:   frankfurt, germany

hey nathan. after 5 years i'm finally visiting this here website. thanks for the distraction from programming

Entry No.:   37 Date:   07 May 2007 - 00:22
Name:   Petra Locale:   Minneapolis

Was stalling from completing some homework in grad school, and remembered that six years ago I was stalling from completing my senior undergrad work by locating this site and reading every page. Every bit as entertaining, and the name lowfashion was still burned into mind... no need to google. Thanks for the intelligent distraction.

Entry No.:   36 Date:   21 Apr 2007 - 15:42
Name:   Kat Locale:   No Entry!

yea i was lookin at a picture and said if lost then contact you guys.. it was a joke but i thought it was pretty funny and went along

Entry No.:   35 Date:   19 Nov 2006 - 22:55
Name:   Cindy Locale:   UT

Doing some research for an elementary ed class...ran across your web addy on some papers I had. Was hoping to add your addy to a webquest project, but I guess not.

How do I get to todd stadler and "everything but the oink?"


Entry No.:   34 Date:   13 Nov 2006 - 09:22
Name:   jim charette Locale:   riverrats press

just wanted to update my info here.
the new website is www.riverratspress.com
thanks to all those who've written!!
more new stuff real soon.
putting together a new magazine for all the
cranks and crazies out there.Interested
artists and writers should send us some
samples of their work to:
the rabid dog c/o riverrats press
pob 9833,fall river,ma.02720

Entry No.:   33 Date:   07 Aug 2006 - 10:39
Name:   Carroll Arkema Locale:   NJ

I was referred to your website to view Nathan Beach's "The Petting of the Lamb." Thank you.

Entry No.:   32 Date:   18 Apr 2006 - 19:13
Name:   Ben Clever Locale:   Bare Files, Portugal

My program includes learning Hebrew, English, mathematics, Jewish heritage and tradition.

Entry No.:   31 Date:   21 Dec 2005 - 14:01
Name:   george burns Locale:   heaven

i wish i was 18 again

Entry No.:   30 Date:   20 Dec 2005 - 22:54
Name:   Russell Pistachio Locale:   Reno, Nevada

Thanks for all the memories...

Entry No.:   29 Date:   11 Aug 2005 - 18:04
Name:   BasketBall Shoes Locale:   Alaska

Hooray for basketball shoes!!

Entry No.:   28 Date:   09 Aug 2005 - 20:49
Name:   The Administrator Locale:   Dallas, Texas


This website's host just tanked and I lost a few weeks' worth of comments. If you see yours is missing, please write again! Sorry about that.

The Administrator Of This Here Website

Entry No.:   27 Date:   02 May 2005 - 15:15
Name:   Antonino Locale:   http://sager-notebook-computer.gjkd.com

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Entry No.:   26 Date:   27 Mar 2005 - 08:04
Name:   amber Locale:   nhjuh


Entry No.:   25 Date:   15 Mar 2005 - 16:56
Name:   Alexander Locale:   No Entry!

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If my site is interesting for you write me a letter
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Entry No.:   24 Date:   15 Mar 2005 - 16:55
Name:   Mary Locale:   No Entry!

I don't know to do or not to do piercings. I find some links in http://female-piercing.ltkv.com
<a href="http://female-piercing.ltkv.com">female piercing</a> which say that it is not a good thing. Help me, Pease. I don't know what to do...Sorry for my poor English.
Your Italian Mary.

Entry No.:   23 Date:   07 Feb 2005 - 22:17
Name:   Regis Locale:   Philly

Where is my donkey?

Entry No.:   22 Date:   01 Jan 2005 - 21:14
Name:   Santa Claus Locale:   South Pole

I can shoot rockets out my elbows!

Entry No.:   21 Date:   05 Nov 2004 - 15:57
Name:   Mike O Locale:   Houston Texas wahoo

Hey Nathan, long time. I feel really terrible and I dont' know what to do about it. What would be the lowfashion thing to do for the second term of the bush presidency?

Entry No.:   20 Date:   04 Nov 2004 - 10:29
Name:   fred Locale:   usa


Entry No.:   19 Date:   06 Oct 2004 - 10:28
Name:   Stan Locale:   No Entry!

Nice site, interesting info you have here. Keep up the good work! I have bookmarked it and will check regulary. http://www.veneerz.com/car_accessory_dash_kits_m ap.html

Entry No.:   18 Date:   17 Jul 2004 - 18:27


Entry No.:   17 Date:   03 Jul 2004 - 08:05
Name:   nicole Locale:   los angeles

what do u sell. please explain

Entry No.:   16 Date:   24 Jun 2004 - 04:29
Name:   jim charette Locale:   riverratspress@aol.com

not even sure how I got here......been looking around for some of my old fellow zinesters to let them know I'm back...Charette's EYE View is now WILL WORK FOR FOOD at aol hometown member pages for riverratspress if yer'interested..if not,that's cool too....nice site..I'll be back...I'm on this computer so much I'm not even sure if I exist outside of it...haven't seen the sun in God knows how long.....I guess you could say I'm from Fall River,Mass.....but I really think that I'm from COMPAQ......................just took a break from seven years of tattooing to get back to the art.......am I alive??HELP!!

Entry No.:   15 Date:   17 Jun 2004 - 17:43
Name:   Body piercing Locale:   No Entry!

We open new body jewelry shop!
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Our Categories:
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category1/index.html ~ Eyebrow piercing
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http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category5/index.html ~ Lip piercing
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category4/index.html ~ Navel jewelry
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category6/index.html ~ Tongue piercing
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category7/index.html ~ Nose piercing
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category9/index.html ~ Male piercing
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category10/index.html ~ Female piercing
http://www.pretty-piercing.com/category8/index.html ~ Wholesale piercing

Entry No.:   14 Date:   21 May 2004 - 18:08
Name:   Gene Royce Locale:   Québec

I would like to share some of my artwork here and soon.

Entry No.:   13 Date:   21 May 2004 - 13:54
Name:   Leslie Piecemeal Locale:   Ontario

Bring Tha Ruckus!

Entry No.:   12 Date:   19 March 2004 - 22:54
Name:   Brian Locale:   none

This site makes me happy! Simplicity at its finest. It could use a few cookies (the edible kind).


Entry No.:   11 Date:   14 March 2004 - 11:18
Name:   angela hussman Locale:   zimbeck2@aol.com


Entry No.:   10 Date:   27 January 2004 - 18:41
Name:   seated Locale:   none

just wanted to say hi before i lose my internet connecti. .. . .

Entry No.:   9 Date:   16 January 2004 - 20:49
Name:   Fred Locale:   wakinglifer@yahoo.com

If Brian T. Scott ever reads this thing, I'd like to thank him for a great monologue in "Histrionica With Banjo" that I'm using as my theatre audition at UIUC. Kick-ass monologue, Brian...now to see if it works.

Entry No.:   8 Date:   03 January 2004 - 11:56
Name:   Mike Locale:   mike8171970@yahoo.com

miss ya russ

Entry No.:   7 Date:   18 November 2003 - 22:17
Name:   LEsteEr BUrlAp Locale:   none


Entry No.:   6 Date:   23 October 2003 - 09:20
Name:   Evelyn Walton Locale:   waltonss@flash.net

Attended a candle party last year at Elaine Erwins. I bought two of the angels that were candle holders. Do you have a new version this year?

Thanks, Evelyn

Entry No.:   5 Date:   20 September 2003 - 05:38
Name:   biscuits Locale:   none

chopper links are old
moved they have to place anew
palfloat.com good

Entry No.:   4 Date:   08 August 2003 - 18:29
Name:   R.c. Daley Locale:   radioryan24@yahoo.com

Really enjoyed the site. The artwork, both quantity AND quality, is impressive.

Claps and applause and a pat on the back if I knew you.

Even so, keep up the creative work!


Entry No.:   3 Date:   25 July 2003 - 14:04
Name:   Patrizia Agut Locale:   indighost@hotmail.com

Life's a Beach Robot. Well done!

Entry No.:   2 Date:   17 July 2003 - 18:00
Name:   Kristen Locale:   luckythirteenxxx@hotmail.com

I stumbled and arrived here. Great art all around...would love an opportunity to post some Exile Art here.

K in NY

Entry No.:   1 Date:   20 June 2003 - 22:08
Name:   Ranger Rita Locale:   rrita@artb4food.com

art before food
music before food

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