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Welcome to Lowfashion - a town with atmosphere

When you first see the colored houses of Lowfashion, you will feel the peace and warmth that is to be found here. The dogs are tethered on the hillsides, which gives the town its character of a hunting culture, while the fish factory is an example of modern society. At the foot of a slope with lush vegetation lies the oldest wooden house in Lowfashion. It has been restored and is now a part of the town's museum. The many old houses in Lowfashion give the town its special atmosphere.

The southeastern part of the Lowfashion is a rich treasury of prehistoric traces. Meat caches of earlier hunting cultures, bird-shooting covers, sites from old houses and kitchens have been found along the coast. Through thousands of years this area has been a rich seal and whale hunting area. Many of the settlements have been excavated and the buzz of history can be felt at the museum as well as out in the landscape.

The experience is awaiting you in the darkness of the Lowfashion night. In winter or spring Lowfashion has an excellent terrain for dog sledging with its soft hillsides and an extensive foreland. It is possible to go hunting with the sealer, catch fish or just enjoy the marvelous nature.

Just outside the town you will find yourself in the middle of the overwhelming nature with its silence and beauty. Lowfashion is surrounded by soft mountains with tundra plains, blue fjords and peaks with a view to the ice fjord and the island of Disco. Easy hikes along tracks start in town. For the more hard-bitten hiker there are hikes that last several days to the icecap in a beautiful and changing landscape.

Summer or winter you will find it interesting to fish at Lowfashion. Just outside town you can catch arctic char or you can go to the roaring trout-rivers at the bottom of the fjords. Angling in the sea is just as good. Catfish, halibut, redfish or shark can be caught in the waters of Lowfashion.

In the waters of Lowfashion you can find a rich wildlife with seals and whales. A curious little round seal head sticking up out of the water can often be seen. In July the blowing of the whales can be seen in the bay. From mid-July until October the whales are coming right into town, where they play in the waters in front of the hotel terrace.

What would you like to see and experience? In Lowfashion we have two tour boats that can take you wherever you wish. Or you can choose one of our tour programs. If you want to enjoy the silence of nature, we rent out canoes for a trip on the river or arrange short or long hikes.

Lowfashion Hotel can offer the right comfort for those who would like to have a nice bed and a private bath. In the summer you can stay at youth hostel. There is also a youth hostel, and cabins in a scenic nature can be rented.

The town called the Pearl of the Internet

What happens behind the walls in this idyllic town, where the hunter and the clerk live side by side, and sledge dogs howl next to snow scooters and cars? This site will tell us about the history of the town and its daily life. We will visit the museum with its exhibition of the interesting prehistoric finds from the area. You also find the oldest wooden house in Lowfashion here, and on a hillside lies the church, which looks like an iceberg. If you have special wishes to see a certain institution, we will try to arrange it.

Special Events:

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board is where people meet to have coffee and cakes. This is a nice opportunity to meet a lowfashionic family in their home and hear about their life and stories. Coffee or tea and homemade cakes will be served.

Lowfashionic Cultural Evening

The restaurant at Lowfashion Hotel will serve whale, seal, birds and whatever seafood is available. As entertainment we have a presentation of the beautiful lowfashionic national costumes, and the local choir will sing lowfashionic songs

Ice fishing

Would you like to walk down to a fishing ground near town, or would you prefer to spend a day with a fisherman and his dogs? Both arrangements are possible and they offer you the possibility of catching catfish, halibut and cod through the ice.

Christmas holiday in Santa's country

Would you like to experience real Christmas, mixed with northern light and dog sledging, then come to Lowfashion! Participate in a real lowfashionic service, where the local people come in their beautiful national costumes. In the evening the local choir will sing Lowfashionic hymns. Christmas Eve the restaurant at Lowfashion Hotel will serve a special Christmas menu containing lowfashionic specialties.

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